Affordable Septic Inspection Atlanta

Affordable Septic Inspection in Atlanta and surrounding cities. If you are planning to sell your home and it has a septic system; it is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide a recent Septic Tank Inspection certificate or Letter of Clearance.  If you have not recently had your septic tank inspected or pumped, call the experts at Affordable Septic Service in Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.

A requirement for most home sales; a passing septic tank inspection will help the selling process go much more smoothly.  With so many details to cover when selling your home, leave your septic tank issues to the experts at our sewer septic company.

Our sewer septic company is a full service plumbing, sewer and septic company.  Affordable Septic Service is fully licensed and insured and our trained septic experts will ensure a thorough and complete inspection of your septic tank and septic system.

Why you should get a Septic System Inspected?

  • Discover Potential problems with septic system

    Affordable Septic Tank Inspection

    Septic Tank Inspection

  • Avoid expensive repairs in the future
  • Assure septic system is functioning properly
  • Buying or Selling a home (generally it’s not included in home inspections)
  • Prevent ground water contamination
  • Prevents backups into your house and will result in major damage

What does a Septic System Inspection include?

  1.     Locating the Septic SystemSeptic Tank Inspection
  2.     Uncovering access holes
  3.     Pumping your septic tank
  4.     Checking for signs of backup
  5.     Measuring scum and sludge layers
  6.     Identifying any leaks
  7.     Inspecting mechanical components