Septic Field Line Repair Lawrenceville GA

Servicing Gwinnett County

These are signs of a failing system:

  • Sinks and toilets drain slowly
  • Backed-up plumbing
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing
  • Sewage odors in the house or yard
  • Wet or mushy soil in the yard
  • Standing water that is greyish in color
  • Grass growing faster and greener in one particular area of the yard
  • Bacteria in well water

If any of these signs are noted, contact Affordable at 678-726-7152. An Affordable Technician can help identify potential problems. Gwinnett County health department also has lists of state-certified contractors which Affordable Septic Service is and all technicians are state certified for Repairs or modifications to the system must be permitted and inspected by the health department. Be sure to be present when the health department inspector and contractor meet to discuss repairs to your system.

Problems with a septic system must be addressed. Failing systems release partially treated household waste into the environment. Untreated human waste is a health risk. It can contaminate nearby wells, ground water, streams and other sources of drinking water. It can also pollute rivers, lakes and shores. The nasty smell of a failed system can cause property values to decline. Failed systems can delay property sales and halt building permits. In a nutshell, failed systems can impact your family, your neighbors, your community and your environment. Yes, it can be very costly to repair or replace a failed septic system, but a properly working and well-maintained system is vital.

Septic systems are an efficient, elegant and inexpensive way to treat and dispose of waste-water. When properly maintained, they can protect and maintain both public and environmental health for years.