Do you have Septic Field Line Problems in Bethlehem GA?

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Here is a list of symptoms associated with septic tank problems or septic field line problems:

  1. Septic system odors outside of the building especially above the septic field lines or septic tank riser.
  2. Slow or sluggish flushing of toilets or drains – septic pipe noises
  3. Wet spots above the septic tank or septic field line from septic tank sewage rising to the surface
  4. Actual backups from toilets or other plumbing inside the building
  5. Let your ears be your septic helper – listen for pump or high-level water alarms

Septic Field Line problems or septic tank problems will result in messy cleanups, inconvenient smells and odors, and possibly costly repairs. You don’t want to have the septic tank pump truck in the driveway when you have family or friends invited over for a big party!

Septic field line problem: Sludge and other solids leaving the septic tank without proper treatment.

Septic field line problem: Grease capping from too much grease entering the septic system.

Septic field line problem: Septic did not get enough regular septic tank pump outs and cleanings.

Septic field line problem: Broken field line piping or compacted soil.

Septic field line problem: Old system designs such as cesspools and seepage pits.

What are the Signs of a Failing Septic Tank System?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find a septic tank system that is failing. In most cases, the failure starts as a small problem and continues growing until the problem is too large to ignore. The signs of a failing system include:

• Surfacing or ponding of the septic tank effluent on the ground surface. This effluent may contain many disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and dysentery, hepatitis, giardiasis, cryptosporidosis, hookworm, tapeworm and other diseases that have plagued mankind for years. Children are most likely to play in the pools or wet soil, but adults may have to walk through or work in the area, and once the effluent gets on a person, the germs can spread to the mouth or nose where they are swallowed or inhaled.

• Slow drains or sewage backing up into the house. The cause could be from failure or any part of the system.

• Smell of sewage odor outside the house where drain-field is not saturated and there is no back-up. This may cause fly infestations and isolated outbreaks of water-borne diseases.