Toilet flushing in Alpharetta GAYour septic system is vital to the removal of wastewater from your home. Drains, tubs, showers, and toilets are all hooked up to pipes that flow into the septic tank. Here, the waste is separated into different layers. The water layer is filtered and then pushed through to a drainfield. Without the proper maintenance, your septic tank could become clogged or damaged. If this happens, it could cause serious issues to your home and property. Follow these simple tips to ensure the life of your system.

  • Don’t ignore leaks. Faucets and toilets that leak create more wastewater than needed. If you notice a drip, repair it as soon as possible so as not to overwhelm the system.
  • Never flush anything but toilet paper. Coffee grinds, diapers, cigarettes, feminine products, grease, and food can all throw off the chemistry in your septic system. Your system relies on bacteria to break down solid matter. If you flush other things besides toilet paper down the drain, it could affect this balance.
  • Harmful chemicals are dangerous to your system. Floor cleaners, paint products, motor oil, and pesticides can all destroy the bacteria in your septic system. Make sure that when it comes time to dispose of these chemicals that they don’t go down the drain. Natural-based cleaners are all okay to rinse down, but anything else could cause issues.
  • Pump your tank as needed. Every so often, your septic system needs to be completely pumped. Depending on how many people use your tank, you’ll need to have it pumped every 3 to 5 years.

Septic tank in Alpharetta GA

  • Inspect your tank and system regularly. Routine inspections can catch problems before they turn into larger issues. Ensure that your drainfield is holding the excess water as it should and isn’t overflowing. Also, check for leaks frequently. Make it a point to examine your system every few weeks. It could extend the life of your tank.
  • Call a professional with any problems. Whether you have an issue, need a cleaning, or simply have a question, call a professional to handle your septic tank needs. Trying to service your septic tank on your own could prove problematic and cause bigger issues. The mechanics and parts involved in your system are intricate. Leave it to an expert.

When it comes to septic tank cleaning and maintenance, consistency is key. Regular inspections and ensuring that nothing goes down the drain that shouldn’t is vital to the life of your tank. By staying on top of your regular service, you ensure that your drains stay flowing like they should.