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Grease Trap Installation and Replacement

Grease traps are typically used in commercial settings, where high volumes of food waste and dish-washing can lead to high levels of fats, oil and grease to make their way down drains. BecauseGrease Interceptor Winder GA such substances can seriously compromise a plumbing system, a professional grease trap installation is necessary. Passive grease traps, which are small units located kitchen sinks, are the most common. A large in ground tank may also be used. Only a professional at Affordable can determine with certainty which grease trap installation is right for you.

If your grease trap does not operate properly, frequently requiring costly repairs and consistently allowing pipes to become clogged, it may be best to invest in a replacement grease trap. This is too serious a problem to take any chances with. Especially in a commercial kitchen setting, backed up drains can be a huge ordeal. Do not allow a damaged, ineffective grease trap to compromise the flow of work in your kitchen.

grease trap winder gaWe specialize in grease trap and grease interceptor sales, service, repair and installation.

We pride ourselves in being able to work with business owners to help meet state and local requirements for F.O.G. prevention, while keeping the impact to the business at a minimum. We understand that the impact of installing a grease interceptor can be detrimental to a small business due to closures and lost revenue. We work around the business’s schedule to keep the restaurant open during the installation process. We are experts at determining appropriate grease traps sizing in Atlanta for your commercial grease trap project and installing on time, on budget and per local codes.

Q: What is a grease trap and when is one required?

A: A grease trap is a device which removes fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that can damage the county’s sewer collection system by clogging pipes, pump stations and treatment plants. Food service establishments and facilities with commercial kitchens are required to install and maintain properly sized grease traps that collect FOG before it reaches the sewer system. Grease traps can prevent clogs which result in sewer back-up in homes and businesses or spills that contaminate creeks, streams and ponds.