French Drain System Atlanta

What is a French Drain System?


Definitions of a French Drain & Perimeter Drain?

A French Drain, that is an exterior foundation drainage system placed outside the foundation wall near the wall footing, covered with gravel, and if the footing drain going to do anything, it is piped to daylight or to a catch basin that is in turn pumped to daylight or to a storm drain.

A “French Drain” is an outdoor buried drain line constructed to carry water away from the home, typically to a dry-well, catch basin, or until it reaches ground level. A French Drain has a purpose to remove water away from the home weather it be from roof and gutter system, or ground water that enters crawlspace or foundation / basement walls.

Clogged Drain System?



Even if foundation drainage was properly installed when a building was constructed, the system may no longer be working. Over time fine soil particles can enter and clog the foundation drainage system.

If you know that a foundation drain system was installed – perhaps you can find the end of it  – and if the building foundation is leaking water from low on the foundation walls, and if little or no water is coming out of the end of the footing drain in wet weather, it’s a good bet that the drain system has clogged.

Our photo  shows the footing drain that was excavated and removed at the home of a client whose house suffered recurrent flooding. The old footing drain was totally impacted with mud.

When You Need a French Drain

  • When you have a problem with surface water, such as a soggy lawn or a driveway that washes out
  • If water is getting into your basement
  • If you’re building a retaining wall on a hillside

Fix a wet basement’s water woes

The best way to stop water flow into your basement is to solve the root cause. Sometimes the solution is easy, like extending downspouts or grading property so water runs away from your house.

Sometimes it’s harder to fix wet basement problems.

If your wet basement is caused by hydro-static pressure, excavate around the foundation’s perimeter and install a french drain system and waterproofing membrane. These reduce pressure against the structure and blocks water from seeping through the walls and causing a wet basement. Here at Affordable we will be able to get the best possible price.

If Water is Getting Into Your Basement

Install a deep French drain. Also called a footing drain, it runs around the perimeter of the house at the footing level and intercepts water before it can enter your basement.

It’s easy to install during house construction, but much more difficult to add later. If you have tall basement walls, you may have to dig down quite a ways to access your foundation footing. Also,  there are probably landscaping, decks, and walkways that will have to be ripped out in order to install the drain. But, don’t worry about all the extras because Affordable we are able to reinstall and make it all new for on low price.