A woman clears the lawn near a septic tank.This summer, there is more to maintain than just your tan. Your septic tank is an important part of your home that shouldn’t be ignored. During the summer time especially, there are specific things that need to be done in order to keep things flowing like they should.

  1. Keep things out of your drain that don’t belong there. As a rule of thumb, non-biodegradable items should never be flushed. This includes cat litter, cigarettes, cotton swabs, diapers, floss, Kleenex, and feminine products. These products can’t be broken down and can easily clog your septic system. While small food particles can usually make it through your pipes okay, avoid pouring grease and oil down the drain as they build up and cause issues. Also, never allow pool water or hot tubs to drain into your septic tank as they can drown the drain field and kill the bacteria used to breakdown particles.
  2. Stay off of the drain field and septic system. While wrapping up the summer barbecues and plenty of outdoor time before school starts, keep the location of your septic system in mind. Vehicles should never be parked on top of your system or your drain field. Not only does it put undue pressure on your pipes, but it packs down the soil around the area in which excess water should be flowing. This can cause sewage back up and burst pipes. Keep patio furniture, grills, and any other heavy objects off of your system.
  3. Pump your system as you should. If you’ve got an outdoor party coming up, it’s a good idea to check when the last time you had your tank pumped was. Usually, your septic system should be pumped every year depending on how much it is used. Because parties guarantee that your system will be seeing much more flow, it’s important to anticipate that. Otherwise, you and your guests could be up to your knees in waste water.
  4. Don’t forget the flowers. The end of summer is the perfect time to do some landscaping. Keep your septic tank in mind when picking out the plants for your yard. Grass is the perfect way to cover drain fields. You can also plant shallow rooted flowers over the top of your system. Avoid planting deep rooted plants and trees around your septic tank. This could cause issues with your pipes.

An outdoor space is prepped for guests.

The end of summer is the perfect time to pump your system. With things slowing down, it’s easier to remember to maintain your tank. If it’s time for your regular septic tank cleaning, don’t wait. Call a professional septic service to keep your next outdoor party from meeting a stinky end.